In IELTS writing task 2, candidates are given a question in the form of argument (agree or disagree) essay , discussion (both agree and disagree) essay, problem/ causes and solution essay, or advantages versus disadvantage essay.

7 things you need to know about IELTS writing task 2:
1. There are three types of questions in IELTS writing task 2: argument essay; discussion essay; and multiple-question essays.
2. Understand the marking criteria
3. How to quickly analyze and understand the question, breaking it down to easy, simple parts
4. Effective ways to make your essay coherent and cohesive
5. Know the grammar structure needed for each part of test
6. The introduction, body and conclusion of each of the three types of essays are all different
7. Exam skills – time, plan, proofread

5 common writing mistakes:

1. Opinion and discussion essay – not knowing the difference between the two as each requires a different structure
2. Having unclear opinion throughout the essay
3.Not developing the ideas – present a fully developed position with fully extended and well-supported idea. Extend them with explanation and support it with examples
4. Vocabulary mistakes – use a combination of simple and complex sentences. Can’t get over band 6 if frequent vocabulary mistakes
5. If you make small or any mistakes in 50% or more of your sentences you can’t get over band 6 for grammar
6. Effective introduction
7.Use appropriate grammar structure for various purpose – comparative, opinion structures